Event Calendar

TBCR Members, 

There has been a lot of conflicting and changing guidance on “social distancing” in response to the Coronavirus.  The latest guidance from Pima County Health recommends cancelling gatherings of 50 or more.   But other information is that those over 65 (many of us) are most at risk and that gatherings of more than 5 could be risky.

As you have already seen we have rescheduled our biggest event, the Tour de Garages,  to the fall.  

Starbucks is now carry out only, no chairs outside, no inside seating and they discouraged hanging around.  

We have suspended our official TBCR Tuesday: BritCar Cafe 7:00AM – 9:30AM Starbucks NE corner of Grant & Swan until the “social distancing” is over and Starbucks changes back to seating.

Other TBCR events will be considered as they occur.