Hat Regalia

TBCR wide brimmed hats with draw strings, with or without edging, are available for $15 each.

TBCR Ball Hats are $10.  Colors are as follows:


Adams Baseball Sun Shade Cap (see photo below):

One size fits all.  This will protect your neck, ears and face from the sun. It features a long bill, wrap-around neck drape with an integral inside zipper pocket, “cool-crown mesh lining inside this hat is designed to promote cooling and minimize staining”. Repels “stains, water, oil based stains”. Includes a head cinch and a collar leash to keep your hat from “blowing away”. UV protection… helps block the majority of UV rays. Available colors: stone, khaki, white, royal (blue). 

$22.00 each.

Sweater Hat – Fleece Lined Beanie (see photo below): 

One size fits all.  It’s big enough to be pulled down over the ears and the fleece is warm enough to keep them and your head warm. Available colors: Gray, Black, Royal (blue), Navy (blue), Red, Green (forest), Pink. 

$11.00 each.

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